Healthy Swaps: Alternatives to White Rice

For for my first healthy swap post, I thought I’d look at alternatives to white rice.  Perhaps you are trying a keto/low carb, paleo, or Whole30 diet. Maybe you have diabetes and your doctor has suggested switching to whole grains and higher fibre products (this comes up a lot in my husband’s predominantly East Indian cardiology practice!). Or perhaps you are simply looking to add more veggies and variety to your diet.

Instead of simply “eliminating” the foods we love, it can be fun to play around with healthy & tasty alternatives and combinations. The good news is that these options are easy, nutritious, and delicious, too!  Try using in place of white rice or mixing with a smaller amount of rice (for example, mix half of your usual portion of rice with broccoli rice for a lower carb, lower calorie option).

The alternatives pictured here include:

  1. Brown rice - more fibre and minerals compared to white rice

  2. Black or “forbidden” rice - higher in fibre, minerals, protein and antioxidants

  3. Quinoa - quinoa is a complete protein, plus it’s lower in carbs and higher in fibre and minerals

  4. Broccoli rice - very low in calories and carbs plus you get the benefits of cruciferous vegetables

  5. Konjac or shirataki rice - this “rice” has zero carbs and zero calories and is a source of prebiotic fibre

  6. Cauliflower rice - very low calorie and low carb, plus you’re getting the benefit of extra veggies