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“I often call her my guardian angel”

What can I say about Dr. Tara? Let me count the ways I appreciate, adore, and admire her professionalism, her caring nature, and her intellectual ability to peel back and clean that onion we call life’s trials and tribulations.  Dr. Tara helped me during a time of great struggle and upheaval in my career.  Her guidance enabled me to focus on and analyze the nature of my problems.  I was empowered to achieve a successful resolution that led to greater happiness with my personal and professional life.  I often call her my guardian angel. I hope she can be your guardian angel too.

— Nick G,
Married father of two, age 48, professional

“Her mindful and pragmatic approach enabled me to clarify my values”

Dr. Tara helped me at a time in my life when I was struggling to ‘see the forest for the trees’.  Her mindful and pragmatic approach enabled me to clarify my values, gain new perspectives, set meaningful goals, and make significant positive changes in both my professional and personal life.  Dr. Tara has a tremendous gift for decoding the complexities of human thought, emotion and connection.  Thanks to her empathic and insightful guidance, I am a more perceptive boss, more honest friend, more enlightened and encouraging father, and a stronger and happier man.

— Garth T, 
Married father of 5, dentist

"Dr. Tara transformed my life"

Dr. Tara transformed my life in five ways that I didn’t realize I needed or [even] desired. She was the rock I leaned on in order to stay focused, a coach to give me that extra “push” to achieve my goals, great listener, understanding (when it came to unforeseen ‘setbacks’) and compassionate. Truly a great inspiration and singlehandedly helped me achieve a better life. 

— Margaret L, 
Married mother of 2, retired professional

“Dr. Tara's skills combined with real empathy enabled me to put my house in order”

I had the good fortune of seeking Dr. Tara’s help at a time when my life was transitioning in a very rocky way.  Dr. Tara was the perfect fit for me: With her guidance, I set my sights on moving forward and building a new life.

I have accepted a new and better employment position, moved to a beautiful spot in the country and remarried with our beautiful blended family as the wedding party.

I feel that Dr. Tara’s skills combined with real empathy enabled me to put my house in order and begin thriving again. I’m delighted that she continues to spread her Sunshine and highly recommend her as a gifted and caring practitioner.

— Geoffrey B,
Remarried father of 4, age 51, professional

"I would absolutely recommend Dr. Tara to...anyone who needs to find clarity, direction and make positive changes in their life."

Dr. Tara was of great help during a time of crisis. She allowed me the space to give voice to my innermost thoughts but was also straightforward in providing me with exceptional insight and strategies stemming from both her extensive training and experience.

She helped me find pragmatic solutions to personal issues and was highly responsive, empathic and caring, going above and beyond to provide excellent guidance.

I would absolutely recommend Dr. Tara to anyone struggling with any personal crisis or anyone who needs to find clarity, direction and make positive changes in their life.

— Graduate student, female, age 31