Products & Discounts

“I only promote products I like, use, and give to my family”


1. Discount Codes

Use these discount codes to save on some of my favourite products!


Nuzest makes my favourite vegan pea protein powders. Their products are 100% natural, easy to digest, vegan and paleo-friendly, and contain no added sugar, gluten, dairy, soy or GMOs. Use code “DRTARA” for a 15% discount.

Otto’s Cassava Flour

Otto’s Cassava Flour is a great non-allergenic (grain-free, gluten-free, nut-free) & paleo-friendly option for baking.  It has a mild flavour and soft consistency and can be used as a 1:1 substitute for regular flour in many recipes. Cassava flour is made from the starchy yuca plant, so it is rich in non-refined carbohydrates.  With only 120 calories per 1/4 cup, it is less calorie dense than many other traditional and gluten-free flours, including wheat, corn, almond and coconut. Use code “DRTARA” for 10% off your order.

Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener

Lakanto makes all natural sugar-free monkfruit-based sweeteners and products. US residents can use discount code “DRTARA” for 20% off.


FreshCap Mushrooms

FreshCap makes a range of pure medicinal mushroom extracts. Their products will be available in Canada in 2019. US residents can use code “DRTARA” for a 15% discount.

Almond Cow

Make your own plant-based milk with the press of a button! The Almond Cow is super easy to use and I love being able to get creative (Nutella milk anyone?!?) while also avoiding highly processed and/or expensive store-bought options. Use code “DRTARA” for $15 off your order — plus you’ll save loads of $ long-term by making your own!

Further Food

Further Food is a women-owned and operated company dedicated to creating real food-based supplements that promote optimal health and wellness. Their products are 100% natural, paleo and keto-friendly, and contain no added sugar, fillers, dairy, soy, or GMOs. They donate a portion of their proceeds to fund chronic illness and healthy eating programs. Use discount code “DRTARA” to save.



This is a small family-run company that focuses on a few high-quality, organic superfoods — ashwagandha, baobab, maca and spirulina. In addition to delivering worldwide, Plant Burst donates $1 from every order to Pencils of Promise, a charity that helps to provide quality education to children around the globe. Use code “DRTARA” to save 20%.


GIDDY YO is a Canadian-based company that specializes in organic, non-GMO cacao and other superfood products. The company goes to great lengths to source foods nourished by mineral-rich soil & fresh water, and grown in healthy remote environments. Use code “DRTARA” to save 15%.


2. Other Favourites

I am also a product ambassador for (or simply a big fan of!) the following companies.