Wellness & Self-Help Resources

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Resources Let’s Get Started: Wellness & self-help resources

Let's Get Started 

This exercise will help you get started by reflecting on both your joys and challenges.

Resources Your Wheel of Life: Wellness & self-help resources

Your Wheel of Life 

This is an exercise to get you thinking about where you want to make a difference in your life.   

Resources Your Personal Goals: How to set self-improvement goals

Your Personal Goals

It's easier than you think to set and accomplish new personal goals.

Resources Planning a Successful Wk: How to set self-improvement goals

Planning for a Successful Week

A framework for accomplishing your weekly goals.

Resources Setting SMART Personal Strategies: SMART wellness goals

Setting SMART Personal Strategies

Let's work toward meaningful and achievable goals!

Resources Tips to Get Lucky: Wellness & self-help resources

How to Make Your Own Luck

“I’m a great believer in luck, and the harder I work, the more I have of it.”
– Thomas Jefferson


Getting Gritty: The Key to Success

"Grit" is the character trait perhaps most likely to predict “success” or high-level achievement.

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Overcoming Perfectionism & Embracing Self-acceptance

Exercises to help in your journey toward greater self-acceptance.


Let's Get Creative 

This is a thought-provoking activity about nurturing your creative side.

Discovering the Secrets of a Happy Life

The Practice of Gratitude 

Strategies for developing your personal gratitude practice.

Discovering the Secrets of a Happy Life by learning from our mistakes

Learning from our Mistakes 

A 5-step approach for turning mistakes into meaningful learning experiences.

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Go Ahead & Ask!

Speaking-up can be challenging! This is an exercise to help you ask for what you need while maintaining healthy personal boundaries.

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The Family Meal: Why & How

The benefits of eating together as a family and some tips to help it happen! 

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Bust Out of the Box

This resource is about learning how to see ourselves as more than what fixed labels and stereotypes might otherwise imply.  It inspires us to expand our limits and broaden our sense of what we can do and who we can be.

Dr Tara Sunshine Resource Mindfulness Strategies

Mindfulness Matters

Simple strategies for living in the moment.